A passionate team of
CRAFTSMEN doing their part for the environment.

Welcome to Round 2 Timbers, a leading supplier of recycled, reclaimed Australian Hardwood Timber in Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast, Port Stephens and the Hunter region. Our timbers are used in many contexts; both indoor and outdoor, residential and commercial, and numerous public and community spaces.

Mic Ritter, owner of Round 2 Timbers, is an award winning furniture designer and maker (‘Young Designer of the Year’, Powerhouse Museum’s ‘Young Blood Designer Exhibition’ ), and the skilled team at Round 2 Timbers is made up of passionate and talented craftsmen who love to give new life to old timber.

We collaborate closely with highly regarded and well-known builders, architects, kitchen joineries, project managers, interior designers, property developers, stylists, business owners and DIY home renovators. Government bodies and community organisations are also our happy customers.

What is Recycled Timber?

When you use reclaimed and recycled timber, you’re giving old timber new life. By choosing perfectly usable older timber that comes with a story, you avoid virgin wood and help to preserve forests.

Recycling timber is the most environmentally friendly form of timber production and was popularised in the 1990s when issues of deforestation and climate change prompted both timber suppliers and consumers to turn to a more sustainable timber source.

Recycling Timber is hard, dirty work!

It’s heavy, stubborn, full of splinters and covered in old rusted-in nails that need to be metal-detected then clawed, chiselled and wrenched out manually in our nail pit. Getting to the beautiful end product is hard yakka and a very labour intensive process!

Australian timber is very dense and considered the hardest timber in the world. Did you know that a lot of joineries won’t even touch recycled timber because it’s so hard to work with and destroys machinery!


PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE – There’s a story behind everything we create at Round2Timbers!