Round 2 Timbers provides the following guarantees in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law. We provide bespoke timber products, handmade using recycled timber and these guarantees are offered in the context of what our customers should expect from Round 2 Timbers subject to acceptance of the following disclaimer.


The nature of recycled timber, and what is so wonderful about it, is the variances of tone, natural characters including gum veins, gum pockets, grain pattern, knots, nail holes, rust staining and bolt holes. We cannot guarantee to reproduce an exact match to the appearance of any timber product displayed on our website as we only have access to the timber that is available at the time. At all times, Round 2 Timbers will undertake to match the timber as close as possible to your preferences as chosen by you. We will not offer any refunds, replacement or exchanges for pieces which the timber has been picked to your requirements unless otherwise required by law.

Timber obtained from Round 2 Timbers is by third party suppliers, so we cannot guarantee the timber moisture content levels. Timber is a natural, living product, and will always move, dependent on the environment in which it is in. E.g. temperature and humidity.


Round 2 Timbers prides itself on the quality of product produced. All timber products are checked, subject to control measures to ensure that every piece is free from sanding marks, dents, pulled grain or other damage.

We guarantee that our timber products are an acceptable quality, free from defects in the workmanship, is safe and durable. We guarantee that the appearance of our products will be acceptable to you, subject to the imperfections which may arise from the use of recycled timber as described in our Timber Disclaimer.

All products come with maintenance instructions, and recommended care products. We will not be liable for any issues arising when proper maintenance is not followed. We cannot guarantee how the timber will react when not cared for in accordance with our instructions.


Each Round 2 Timber product is unique. We guarantee that it is fit for the purpose described by us. We guarantee that the item will be made in accordance with the instructions you provide. This includes, being made with the timber colour chosen, style and design.

We guarantee to make the product in accordance with the information provided by you. We require you to provide us with all your specific measurements and features in writing. We will create your timber product based on the information provided to us. We will not provide refunds or exchanges if you are subsequently dissatisfied with your product after measurements have been finalised.


Round 2 Timbers complies with the obligations imposed in the Australian Consumer Law. Different rights apply where items have been used for commercial (non-residential) purposes. If there is a minor issue with your timber product, as per Australian Consumer Law, you are entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced. You are also entitled to a refund or replacement in the unlikely case of a major failure.

Round 2 Timbers reserves the right to choose between repair or replacement of an item in relation to which a valid claim is made.