Our Timber FLOORING is milled
exclusively from recycled timbers.

The timber we mill has been recycled and sourced from our local area to ensure the boards have stability, individual characteristics and excellent environmental qualities.


Solid Timber flooring is not only a strong, reliable product to build with, it is highly versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Timber flooring requires little maintenance and can withstand heavy traffic over a longer period of time as opposed to engineered timber flooring which is often softer due to the plywood construction used to make the product.

Not to be confused with reclaimed flooring, which has been lifted from existing floors, recycled flooring is re-milled down from larger sized structural timbers. It is then “de-nailed” – a very labour-intensive process – and machined with the precision of new floorboards to ensure strong and snug installations.

Round 2 Timbers hardwood flooring is generally milled from the rafters, joists and beams of demolished buildings. This timber is sourced from demolitions around the Hunter and Central Coast area. Our flooring is milled with a secret nail tongue & groove profile and then batched by colour in either mixed browns, mixed red or a combination of both. Some of the species include Blackbutt, Tallowwood, Spotted gum, Ironbark, Red gum and Blue gum to name just a few.

Images 1 – 4 Mixed Red.
Image 5 – Mixed Brown.