Timber finishing is the process of polishing or protecting the surface of your timber. At Round 2 Timbers,  we dress and finished timber in a range of ways to achieve the desired look and feel our client is after.

Clean rough sawn: Dressed timber with circular saw marks as a feature.
Dressed all round (DAR): Planed / machined on all four sides for a smooth finish.
Wire brushed: A wire brush is run over the timber after rough sawing, as a featured effect.
Weathered: Machined timber that has weathered and turned grey/brown in colour.

Timber Colours & Species

For most orders we batch our timber by colour; mixed browns, mixed reds or mixed browns and reds together. We cannot 100% guarantee the species of timber we stock as it is sourced from demolitions.

BLONDE – Blackbutt

MESSMATE – Stringybark, Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Oak

CARAMEL -Tallowwood

BROWN – Spotted Gum

PINK – Brush box, Rose Gum

RED – Red Gum, Red Ironbark, Blood Wood, Red Mahogany, Blue Gum, Oregon

Recycling Timber is hard, dirty work!

It’s heavy, stubborn, full of splinters and covered in old rusted-in nails that need to be metal-detected then clawed, chiselled and wrenched out manually in our nail pit. Getting to the beautiful end product is hard yakka and a very labour intensive process!

Australian timber is very dense and considered the hardest timber in the world. Did you know that a lot of joineries won’t even touch recycled timber because it’s so hard to work with and destroys machinery!