Decking & Screening

Timber SCREENS add style, privacy and shade to any

Recycled timber screens are a popular and attractive feature for any location, with a variety of styles and applications available. They are a great way to finish any area of your home or commercial premises.

For an effective and elegant way to gain privacy, provide shade or to create a natural and stylish outdoor or indoor environment, consider the timber screening solutions available from Round 2 Timbers.

Our hardwood screening can be finished in several ways:

  • Skip Dressed with pencil round
  • Rough SawnWire Brush
  • Grey Weathered
  • DAR (dressed all round)


  • Mixed red, mixed brown or a combination.


  • 85mm x 39mm
  • 38mm x 16mm
  • 38mm x 38mm
  • 60mm x 38mm
  • 65mm x 16mm
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deck-recycled-timber Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 1.17.18 pm

Recycled Hardwood Decking

Round2Timbers mills and manufactures decking boards from 100% recycled Australian hardwoods primarily sourced from the demolition of old local buildings such as houses, commercial premises and public assets.

We create “as new” decking boards in mixed red hardwoods which can be dressed and detailed in a traditional style or with a more rustic and weathered look using a wire brush or rough sawn finish.

We supply all our decking raw however we can assist with information about installation and coating to achieve the look you are after.

Our recycled, reclaimed timber decking is highly durable and suitable for a range of settings, from backyard residential decks to commercial projects and public spaces.

Our standard sizes of dressed all round (DAR) decking are:

  • 86mm coverage x 18.5mm thickness, pencil round profile (mixed reds)
  • 125mm coverage x 18.5mm thickness,  pencil round profile (mixed reds)  
  • Grey weathered
  • 86mm coverage x 32mm thickness, deck chamfered profile (mixed reds)


  • Mixed reds only